Teaching Workshops

I am super excited to announce that my online pen and ink course went live in November 2021.

Details are in the promotional video below:



If you’d like to try your hand at botanical illustration and book the course, please go to the following link:

Capturing the Inner Beauty of Flowers in Pen and Ink (kewonlinecourses.com)

The course is online only and includes the kit required. It is self-paced and contains a series of videos that can be played, paused and replayed. The course includes access to a dedicated student Facebook group and support via email from David & Charles.


I am also due to start in person courses at Kew Gardens in the Spring of 2022. I will post details of the courses as soon as they are finalised.


During the Covid disruptions I have been doing online teaching sessions on request, please email me to book a one-to-one virtual session. It’s an opportunity for dedicated instruction and you will learn a lot in a very short time!



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